Water Damage Do’s and Don’ts

Water damage is not a good thing. For starters, it means that’s a great deal of horror waiting for you as a homeowner. Fixing a water damaged property is messy, not to mention expensive. Worse, there are compounding health concerns to think about as well. To prevent all of these from happening, it is strongly advised that you talk with an expert in Syracuse Water Damage Repair. 

It is also important that you know what to do in case of water damage. But more than just cure, prevention is the key. There are certain practices that you have to do to make sure that your home is fully protected from this issue. Below are some tips that you can follow.  

  1. Shut off the water supply if you’re going away. 

If you and the rest of the family are going away for a vacationremember to shut off the water supply before you go. Doing so would prevent water from flowing into your home. This is especially helpful in protecting your washing machine and dishwasher. Turn off all appliances before leaving your home as well.  

  1. Install arelease valve

Your home’s plumbing system will benefit greatly from an emergency pressure release valve. This valve protects your home against high water pressure that’s usually caused by frozen pipes. Such valves can also help prevent pipes from bursting. 

  1. Always checkyourheating and plumbing pipes.  

As a precaution, regularly check your pipes for leaks and cracks. It may just be a small crack now but you never know when the problem’s going to be big enough not to ignore. If you see leaks or cracks, call an expert repairman immediately. 

  1. Waterproof your exteriors.

Water damage may come from the outside, more particularly from the rain. Be sure that your home is fully protected from the elements by waterproofing it. Repair and protect the exteriors of your home by sealing and caulking windows and applying waterproof paint on your walls.  

  1. Maintainyourroof.  

Again, water damage may come from rain and snow. Your roof serves as your first level of protection against these things. If your roof is not doing its job well, then water damage will find its way inside your home. Be sure that there are not damaged, missing, or aging shingles on your roof. If there are, perform repairs right away.  

  1. Checkthe downspouts.  

Downspouts may also be the cause of major water damage in homes. The regular cleaning your downspouts could go a long way. Simply remove all the debris that could have accumulated in there. To further prevent clogs, consider installing gutter guardsAlso, position your rain gutters and downspouts in such a way they direct water away from your house.  


  1. Maintain yourirrigation systemsand sprinklers. 

You may think that your irrigation system is dispensing water into the soil and that’s not an issue. Well, think again. They may be creating damage to the foundation and walls of your house and you don’t know anything about it. Always ensure that your outdoor plumbing is working as designed.  

These are the things that you can do to prevent your home from water damage. If you need more help, simply visit this link