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North American


Shoulder Mounts

 Antelope - $500.00

Bison -$1200.00

Boar- $500.00

Black Bear - $500.00

Caribou -$800.00

Coyote -$300.00

Elk-$ 900.00

Exotic Sheep -$525.00

Moose -$1300.00

Mule Deer- $425.00 

                                                            Whitetail Deer - $425.00 



Add $125.00 for shoulder pedestal mounts

We no longer offer commercial tanning of hides for throws or rugs

  •                               Antelope, Sheep and Bison may take longer than 4 months, due to tanning procedures

We Do Not preserve domestic pets



Fox, Gray,Black and White





Warm Water                                                                                 Cold Water                              


Skin Mounts: 1 sided w/driftwood                                             Reproduction Only

SM.Bass, LM Bass, Walleye

$225.00- any size


$225 up to 25"- $5.00 per inch over 25"

                        Reproductions- $17.50 per inch- includes Driftwood backing                                         

(Catfish, Crappie, Perch, Bream, Musky and Pike)   are done by reproduction only

Reproduction Fins

(for badly freezer burned or otherwise damaged fins on skin mounts)

$25.00 per set

Other backings available for fish ( Rock, Stone, or other habitat) 

For additional cost


Antler Mounts

Deer-$120.00      Elk -$225.00        Caribou -$225.00      Moose -$285.00

Plaques extra and priced by the piece

Open Mouth Mounts

Gameheads- Add $75.00-$150.00- except Boar


Custom Wood Bases and Pedestals are available for pedestal Shoulder Mounts

Priced by the piece

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