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50% deposit is required prior to any work being performed-NO EXCEPTIONS!

All animal species must have proper tags and any legal information required at the time of drop off. Wild free ranging deer harvested in Ohio, MUST have a conformation number!

Additional charges may be required in cases of extreme form altering, extra habitat material, custom bases, extreme hide repair. We will  go over this with you at drop off, except for extreme hide repair, which may not be discovered until specimen is thawed and skinned. In which case, we will make every attempt to contact you prior to continuing work.

Fish Reproductions require a 70% deposit at time of order.


Removable Antlers are an extra $75.00 to $175.00 per side


Velvet antlers are $275.00 (minimum) extra to preserve


Broken Antler Tine repair is an additional $5.00 per inch, $10.00 minimum


Mounts are done in the order that they are received. If you take your antlers ( to have scored, show friends etc. ),you will fill out a removal slip. We will not track you down to get them when your mount is due to be mounted. In order to keep other clients mounts on schedule, we will move on and your mount will go the  bottom of the list, which will result in a longer turnaround time.


We make every effort to provide our clients with a reasonable turnaround time, usually 4 months or less, however, this is not a guarantee, only an estimate. Things outside of our control, such as taking your antlers, etc. can have an effect on this.Extra care needs to be taken in the tanning of Antelope, Sheep, and Bison therefor, they can not be done in 4 months in order to provide a quality customer mount.

All tanning of hides is done at owners risk. We have no way of knowing how the hide  was handled prior to coming to our shop. The best thing to do is get it skinned and frozen immediately. A refrigerator, basement, garage floor, etc. are not cold enough to keep the hide from spoiling! It needs to be frozen ASAP. This bit of information could save you up to $200+ , in the case that you need a replacement hide! Please watch the " Field Care " video about how to skin and care for your hide!